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Maritime law is a distinct body of both domestic law governing maritime activities and private international law governing the relationships between companies that operate ships on the oceans of the world and the tidal waters of rivers. It deals with all matters including marine commerce, international trade, shipping, marine navigation and the transportation of passengers and goods by sea. Maritime law also covers many commercial activities, which although land based are maritime in character.

These matters have been our focus for over 30 years. An expert shipping company deserves an expert English maritime law firm. Our business is to assist you. Full Stop. We provide an efficient and personal legal service, often utilising innovative tactics to break deadlocked situations. Our advantage is applying our heavyweight experience to your matters - we understand your business and, in particular, the long-term impacts of initial decisions in disputes - this allows us to avoid potentially protracted matters and cut to the chase.

As with our advice, our fees are market-Leading. We believe English legal fees are becoming excessively large. If the legal fees exceed the claim quantum - something's gone wrong... We are therefore excited to inform you that we have a set of flexible fee arrangements that makes our expert legal assistance extremely competitive and, what we consider, market leading.



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If the legal fees exceed the quantum of the case, usually something has gone wrong.
— Russell Ridley, Head of law


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