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English Law Legal Experts & World-Leading Chemical Tanker Specialists

We provide you with comprehensive Scientific and Legal Advice and an immediate practical Plan of Action within 45 minutes. Every step we take moves your matter (be it a cargo contamination, damage to ship's tank or bunker issue) towards conclusion. We directly contact all parties to enable the earliest reasonable, commercial solution, thereby minimising losses and Owners' exposure.

Every step is implemented to reduce your overall liability (or relation to recovery - to maximise such overall recovery).

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We provide Solutions

With our international network of contacts at tank terminals and distillation plants, cargo salvage buyers/traders and chemical tanker chartering brokers, we get the contaminated cargo off your vessel within days to enable your vessel to sail, preventing escalation of costs and losses. The discharged damaged cargo is then disposed of in the most cost effective manner: through mitigation (blending, filtration and/or distillation) and/or onward sale to new buyer. We organise all the legal framework and contractual documents to facilitate the complete resolution of your matter including R&R's, B/L's, Customs Letters, Sales Contracts, Purchase Orders, Insurance Docs and Settlement Agreements.

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Legal RR&CO Team Members
(London / Singapore)


Partner / Head of law

Russell Ridley (London)

Over 35 years experience defending chemical tanker clients. Chemicals specialism began with 10 years as the lead external lawyer bringing cargo claims on behalf of Shell Chemical and the ENI Petroleum Group against major chemical carriers. Through this developing a real understanding of the manufacture, shore storage and loading procedure of all commonly carried chemicals and hydrocarbon products.

Over the past 25 years defeating / minimising cargo claims through knowledge of chemical tankers with all grades of stainless steel and formulations of tank coatings. Expertise in all types of chemical contaminations, floating particular matter, off specification allegations, coating damage and corrosion to ship's tanks matters.

Providing immediate proactive advice and practical guidance to solve problems. Successful recoveries for all major chemical tanker operators and insurers. Always seeking a cost-effective resolution to each incident.

Russell has English Law degree (BA) and Maritime Law post-graduate degree (LLM) from London University. He has qualified both as a Barrister (1980) and an English Solicitor (1991).




Arnold Ridley (London / Singapore)

A complete dedication to finding the best possible solution for chemical tanker clients and in relation to bunker quality disputes. A drive to work with all parties to find a commercial deal. Entire 24/7 support and case management. Fully budgeted and executed Action Plans, organising Legal and Technical Team to provide real, practical solutions to vessels in trouble, damaged chemical cargoes and injured ship's engines.

Constantly developing relationships with essential third parties, including distillation plants, shore tank terminal, chartering brokers, international chemical cargo salvage traders, local and regional chemical cargo buyers, receivers and shippers as well as on-the-ground experts, surveyors and chemists. Drawing together all threads in a matter to ensure the minimum spent is required for maximum result.

Commenced his career at Britannia P&I Club, as well as working with leading Scandinavian P&I and Hull Clubs and Lloyd's Syndicates. 

Arnold has a Mathematics degree from Durham University, Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and Solicitor’s Finals (LPC) with Distinction from University of Law, London. He is a qualified English Solicitor. 


Assistant solicitors

Legal Team of Solicitors (London)

Working closely in Legal Team to enable super prompt response time. Drafting Action Plans and Budgeted Costs Schedule, plus Outline of Next Steps. Excellent, efficient digital case documentation management and technical report review. 



The RR&CO Approach

Your case at RR&CO will be handled directly by Partners Russell and Arnold at all times, supported by our experienced specialist legal and technical team members.

Ensuring an unrivalled close eye on matters, diligently pushing each case towards resolution. Maximum impact at lowest cost.



Technical RR&CO Team Members
Independent Experts in their Respective Fields
(London, Rotterdam, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Dalian & Seoul)



Head of Chemistry and Team of Four Leading Expert Chemists (London & Singapore)

Our Firm has worked closely with the Head of Chemistry at the world's leading Chemical Experts Consultancy and his team of Expert Chemists for over 35 years. It is vital to establish the correct, comprehensive Scientific Position (along with Legal Position) as soon as possible in the case to be able to plan the most cost-effective solution and then implement this with the required legal documents (R&R, LOA, new B/L's, etc.) to successfully resolve the case fully and efficiently. Often, we have found organising an Expert Chemist to attend on the vessel can fix problems and facilitate faster mitigation of loss (through (re-)education of Receivers etc.) and, on occasion, sensitive sampling and testing requires independent expert assistance on-site. We liaise with local agents and the vessel directly to enable expert access to vessel within hours (including flight time). The Team's Expert Chemists in London for attendances in Europe, South America and Middle East, and Expert Chemists in Singapore covering India, South East Asia, China, Korea and Japan. Geographical coverage ensures we can provide 24/7 immediate advice from RR&CO to clients within 45 minutes of first email.


Tank Cleaning, Coating Specialists & EXPERIENCED CHEMISTS (L&I Maritime)

Guy Johnson & Team (UK)
Richard Barnes, Aceson Trinidad & Team (UAE) 

Team Leaders Guy Johnson (UK) and Richard Barnes (UAE) manage a very adept set of Expert Chemists, Coating and Tank Cleaning Specialists. With their large oversea office near to Dubai, we have been able to organise for the right expert to attend within hours in India or South East Asia. Further, their experts of many nationalities has enabled faster attendance avoiding visa restrictions and usual delays (such as is often the case with ports in India, China and Korea). This prompt attendance and real practical expertise has enabled us to save our clients millions of dollars and ensured vessels sail within days. Through their unrivlaled knowledge of coatings (Epoxy, Zinc, Sigma, MarineLine as well as newer formulations such as Interline 9001), they are our trusted Coating Consultants, in particular in relation to coating discolouration, blistering to cracking and rusting. Guy Johnson is well known in the Chemical Tanker industry and works very closely with the world's leading Methanal Carrier, as well as assisting with the drafting and updating of industry tank cleaning guides. They are a vital part of our team, enabling quick resolution of complex technical matters.


Stainless Steel “Surface Repair” Experts (INOX)

Milan Fredriksz & Team (Rotterdam)
Jason Wu & Team (Shanghai) 

We bring in the Stainless Steel polish and pickling experts at INOX (Rotterdam/Shanghai) when we need to establish the best, most cost effective and correct method (including scope of repairs actually scientifically necessary) to repair Owners’ damaged stainless steel tanks. This is a vital element in our approach to minimise losses suffered by shipowner clients following damage to their tanks arising from carriage of aggressive/off-spec. acid cargoes, such as Phos. Acid, Sulphuric Acid and Nitric Acid (see our Notices and Case Studies on these cargoes). Their evidence forms a significant part in our successful Recovery Actions against Charterers and Shippers in respect of cargoes found aggressive to the steel of the ship's tanks.



Safa Ismail & Team (Shanghai)
Jaakko Heikkinen & Team (Oslo) 

For complex, sensitive liquid chemical cargo handling and tank cleanliness issues that require immediate, targeted guidance we call upon Safa and Jaakko. Their extensive (and constantly increasing) knowledge has been developed over 40 years through running operations and technical management of major chemical tanker fleets. They have real practical insight and work on a daily basis with all major reputable chemical tanker shipyards in China and the Asia Pacific region. Their chemical tanker design acumen has assisted many of our clients and forms an essential part of our newbuilding negotiation team.


Marine Casualty Investigators (OGG EXPERT)

Capt. Terry Ogg & Team (Liverpool, England)

We send in Terry or one of his experienced colleagues to attend immediately any causalities involving chemical tankers as it is vital to secure as much contemporaneous evidence (witness, documentary and physical) as quickly as possible to ensure a solid case can be put forward. With Terry's immediate and valuable input, we are able to promptly advise you (within days) upon the merits of the matter and work towards the best possible commercial solution and, where possible if applicable, pursuing successfully a ful recovery action). Terry has unparalled experience in witness evidence collection, having drafted thousands of witness statements used in London Arbitrations and at High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Courts in London. Collection of data evidence includes VDR, ECDIS & DP System/Control Room Data Recorder Analysis, preferably within the first 72 hours. With a seafaring background he is most suitably placed to discuss navigation with crew and to understand the realities onboard these chemical tankers. Terry moved up the rank from Deck Cadet to Master whilst travelling worldwide over 16 years at sea, followed by 15 years running a Leading Casualty / Admiralty Legal Department in London. He holds a Class 1 British Master Marine Licence (1988)


Corporate Investigators & International Process Servers (Matrix Intelligence)

Dominika Jaskiewicz (London and International Network)

Complex shipping and insurance frauds are a particular specialty of this firm, although the vast majority of fraud matters we deal with for both the London and Scandinavian insurance market remain confidential some are reported in the law reports (our most recent published example was the Ariela v. Kamal matter). We commonly use Dominika and her team to undertake asset searches for obtaining security purposes.