In-house Presentations

In-house Presentations


We are happy to provide in-house presentations to clients at no charge. These are usually provided over a sandwich during the lunch break at client's offices.

Our in-house presentations are backed by detailed PowerPoint presentation.


The most recent presentations (45 minutes each) given by RR&CO are:

We update these presentation as the law develops.

The current flavour of the month is the newly emerging tort of "unlawful means conspiracy" since the House of Lords decision in the case of Total Network SL [2008] UKHL 19, which has opened the floodgates. We have produced a presentation on this interesting topic. Please see our summary page on the tort of "unlawful means conspiracy".

Contact us to organise presentation at your office or at a nearby private conference room (such as Davy's Wine Bar at Mincing Lane. London).