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Condition on Delivery / Maintenance

Responsibility for Stowage

Charterers' Bunkers (BROB)

Off-hire Provisions

Safe Ports, Berths and Anchorages

Trading Limits / War Risks

Duration of Hire / Redelivery

Set-off Regime

Cradle-to-grave service

We have a high volume of time and voyage charterer clients. We provide a cradle-to-grave service looking after all legal aspects of pre-fixture acceptance of terms and post-fixture disputes. This includes everything in the nature of FD&D, as well as cargo claims brought either by receivers or charterers. We have great experiences in charterers' liability insurance claims


Main Areas of Advice

  • Special Provisions - drafting & advice
  • Payment (or non-payment) of hire
  • Owners' / Charterers' bills of lading
  • Charterers' Liability Insurance
  • FD&D Insurance
  • LMAA Arbitration

A Growing Concern: 'DAMAGE To Ship' Claims

In recent years there has been a growth in 'damage to ship' claims caused by aggressive cargoes. This noticeable increase is in addition to the more common ship damage caused by breach of the charterparty's safe port warranty.

We have been involved in significant number and quality of matters covering these topics and bring a wealth of expertise to our clients. In particular to chemical tanker owners.